Use Cognos 10 Business Insight-Preview and highlights

Cognos Business Insight is the new tool from IBM into the business intelligence family of the cognos. It is more a workspace than a tool which has all types of data to be accessed by the business users. It has dashboarding like look which gives the provision for the BUs to assemple different type of data. They can view any type of information from this Business insight wether those are charts or graphs or any other performance metrics.

Cognos Insight workspace is a revolutionary technology from cognos which collaborate different tools and abilities of Cogos Business intelligence. It has at a glance view which is preassemble and personalized to the individuals.
  • You can explore and setup only the features that are reuired by you using its graduated user interface. In simple, it is Business intelligence at peak.
  • Personalization can be done very easily with the availability of various data including the external data.
  • It provides you to embed New age technology like RSS. You can coloborate with all these tools at a glance from Business Insight workspace.
  • You can always make sure you never end up in a dead-end situation with the help of indepth analysis.
  • You can search the entire Cognos Business Intelligence package using advanced searching option available in Cognos Business Insight.
  • Graphing and charting options have been improvised a lot which helps you in designing a more graphically rich reports.
  • You can also learn and apply instantaneously with the help of embedded elearning materials.
  • You can also use the business glossary that comes with the Insight. This glossary helps in maintining the business standards.
  • You can also merge data from external sources with a built in wizard that is available in wizard.
  • You can move seamlessly from authoring to assembly and vice versa. The following pics explains you how you can go from the insight's dashboard assembly to the authoring report.
This is the Assembly of the Cognos where you can have all the personalized information.

This is the Report Authoring interface where you can generate the reports. This is achived by clicking the object in the above pic.
Cognos insight so far has gained every ones attention with its new interactive mode and the advance technological improvements.



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