How to change the package for an existing report which is pointing to different package?

Now that you have learnt how to create a column chart and how to create a list report. before moving on to the other type of reports, i want to just put a note point here. 

Suppose you have started with some package. say Go sales package, and you would like to change the package that you are using to Go Data Warehouse due to some circumstances. then?

So here is the solution for doing it. This is very simple and yet to be known. There are two different ways in doing this. 

1st method:

1.Go to File menu in the Toolbox.

2.Select Report Package options

3.It will show you the Report package dialog box as shown below

4.Check  the Another Package option and select the new package which you required and click ok.

5.The new package will load and display as above with existing layout if you have created.

2nd Method:

Alternatively you can right click on the left pane of insert objects and select the option for report package and change it to any package of your choice.



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