How to Create a Project &Package in Framework Manager

In our previous post we have discussed about Cognos Framework Manager and all the objects that are present in it. In this tuotrial we shall discuss on How to Design a Project in Cognos Framework Manager.

Create a Project:
1. From the Welcome page, click Create a new project.
2. In the New Project page, specify a name and location for the project.
3. If you want to add the project to a source control repository, then click on Repository, and then select the Add to repository check box.
4. Click OK.
5. In the Select Language page, click the Design language for the project. The language you select cannot be changed after you click OK.
6. Click OK. The Import wizard appears.
7. Choose whether to import your metadata now or later.
8. Save the project file (.cpf) and all related XML files in a single folder. When you save a project with a different name or format, ensure that you save the project in a separate folder.

How to design a project-steps by step explanation:

From the Welcome page, click Create a new project:

In the New Project Pane, Specify the name and location for the project:

Give the authentication details:

Select the language:

Select the source from which you want to import the tables and views. This Source can be a database, 3rd party datasource, exl, and so on.

Select the Datasource from a list of datasource available. These data sources can be created in
Cognos portal or in Cognos Framework Manager itself by clicking the new button in the pane.

Select the tables, views, and so on that you want to import.

Join conditions:

End of import process:

Newly created model:

Creating the package:

Giving the name of the package:

Selecting the items to be displayed in the published model:

Designing a project steps(contd.)
click finish:

Page has been created.It can be published if required.

Publishing the package:

Click Publish:

Click Finish:

So, Now you have successfully learnt How to create a package and a Project in Cognos Framework Manager. All you have to do now is practice with the test data. If you have liked my tutorials, you can subscribe to the site by using the subscribe options above so that you can be updated to all the new tutorials and news from this website

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