COGNOS: CSV or Excel output limitatoins

When saving a report in  Excel 2003, we can't save all the report output if the report output contains more than 65535 rows due to the  limitation of Excel .

 Excel 2007 limits : Worksheet size 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns 

By default, .CSV files are opened in Excel, so even though .CSV files don't have the 65k row limitation, the file will be truncated if it is opened in Excel.

Resolving the problem
View the file as a CSV and change the format from Excel to a text file. Steps:
  1. After generating the report in HTML format, select the toolbar button to View in CSV Format
  2. Once the File Download dialogue appears?click Save and the Save As dialogue will appear
    (Note: If you do not see a Save As dialogue, verify in Internet Explorer you have Automatic prompting for file download set to ENABLE under Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Custom level)
  3. From the Save as Type list?change the format from Microsoft Excel Worksheet to All Files
  4. Change the File Name from reportfile.xls to reportfile.txt and click Save
This will create a Tab-Delimited text file that can be used as a data source.



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