Scheduling in Cognos,Use & How to,

What is Scheduling in Cognos?
Scheduling in any tool is simply automating the work that is to be done. In cognos, there is an inbuilt option and feature to schedule the reports that are to be run. This is called scheduling.

How is it useful?
Suppose you are a cognos BI author and you have different reports that are of different priorities and you want them executed by the time you come back to office next morning, you need some person to take up the task of running it. It can be an assistant or a software that automates your work. All this is done by the inbuilt cognos scheduling tool. It applies to everyone who has the task to complete running of the cognos reports.

How to schedule in cognos report studio?
Well, this is not a tough task either, You can do it just with few clicks.
The following is the step by step guide to create a schedule for an already existing report.

  • Now go to the cognos connection and go to any folder you have the report to schedule for.
  • Click on the 5th icon on the right hand side of the reports list which says schedule reports. The following picture will help you find it.
  • Once you click that icon you will be navigated to a window which asks you to input various options. These options include: 
    • Frequency of the report - (options are : day, month, week, year, trigger). If selected day, it will be run daily. 
    • Similarly you can run for the monthly weekly and yearly as well. 
    • Triggering will help you to schedule according to the trigger released and the time of it.
    • Priority of the report- Suppose you have 2 reports to run, you can prioritize the most important as 1 and the other one as 2.
    • Start date will help you in selecting which date it should start from
    • End Date will help you in selecting which date it should end running the reports in the given frequency.
    • You also has 3 more options for disabling the report , over ride values and prompt values which are not that important. If you want, you can cutomize more using these options.

Now after selecting the required fields and clicking on the OK Button, your report is ready to be scheduled and the person who has scheduled it will get an email stating that the scheduled job is finished after a successfully auto run from the scheduler.
That's it you can now automate your running using the cognos scheduler.



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