All Interview Cognos Questions Part 1

How you create security to cubes?
You can have user class views and dimension views. Dimension views help you to hide or remove certain data from the cube depending on what view you are using. Then you can use the user class views to the cubes for making that data available for a certain role or group. You can also use both views in conjunction as a way to provide security.
Password protection is another way of providing security to the cubes.

What was the size of your cube?
It may have 300mb; 400mb depends on position, 
Optimum size for cube is up to 2GB;

What are the enhancements in Cognos 10 than Cognos 8.4?
Cognos V10.01 New Features:
1) Active Report
2) Business insight
3) Business insight advanced
4) Business view point
5) Collaboration with Lotus Connections
6) Dynamic Query Analyzer
7) Individual user workspaces based on the Business Insight product
8) Lifecycle Manager
9) Statistics
10) Use Your Own External Data 

What are user classes?
A user class is defined a group of users having same data
Access needs, restrictions and privileges

What is the difference b/w mdx and Sql?
MDX is a multidimensional expression, we can query directly to OLAP source by using MDX and SQL is a structured query language, where as we can query to the RDBMS source. When we r dragging the query items into the report area automatically MDX generated that query will send to the OLAP source directly.
How do you use SUM function in Reportnet?
We have total() function in Expression Definition.
We can right click on the column and in functions block we have total() function

Why do we create shortcuts in framework manager
A shortcut is a pointer to an object, such as a relationship, a dimension, a query subject, or a folder. We recommend that you use shortcuts in the business view when there is an overlap between user groups and you want to include the metadata in more than one folder. With shortcuts, you can have multiple references to an object.
For example, you create folders named Orders, Products, and Customers. If you want both Orders and Customers to contain the same dimension, you must create a shortcut to the dimension and add it to both folders.
Note: Two shortcuts to namespaces or folders must not have the same name in a model. For other types of shortcuts (e.g., a shortcut of a query subject), the name must be unique within the parent namespace.
When you create a shortcut, Framework Manager does not set the Screen Tip and Description properties. Unless you define these properties, the values shown in the IBM Cognos 8 studios are the same as those defined in the object that the shortcut references.

What is Model Versioning or Versioning in Cognos Framework Manager?
The versioning allows you to publish a package without impacting the current reports in use. You can then perform a staged testing approach to move the existing reports to the new package.
It's a protection against changes. Existing reports will continue to use the previous version of the model until they are opened and resaved or the old version is phased out by a subsequent model Publish. However, if you have a proper dev/test/prod setup then the model versioning may be less useful because you should be doing some quality control testing of your own before the model reaches production.

What are links & Segments in Cognos Framework Manager?
Segment: A segment is a project within a main project. A segment is owned by its main project. 
Link: A link is a shortcut to an existing project. The project that is linked can be shared by multiple projects.

pls ans what are the filters we have in framework manager? filters in report studio?
In frameworm manager       :             1. Stand alone filter       2. Embeded filter.
In report studio                     :             1. Detailed filter             2. Summary filter.

how to get the all values from a prompt using 'ALL' use and display value in prompt
In your value prompt add the static chioce as 'All'
and in filter put the expression as.... 
(column in (?Parameter1?)) or (?Parameter1?='All')

How do you drill through report from Report Studio to Analysis studio?
we have option like Analysis studito to report studio.
In Analysis studio right  click goto Related link one new window will come .there u have to select Reportstudio Report.
what is reprompt?
if u want to select multi items and we dont need finish button we use reprompt button.
In Cascading Prompt we have two things -:                 
1.) Single Select Auto Submit.
2.) Multi Select and Reprompt Button.
What is Stich Query in Reportnet?
Framework Manager generates a separate query for each 'FACT'
table and joins the result set. This is called Stitched query.
Where do you edit cognos sql in report studio?
1. Pause the pointer over the query explorer button and click the query you want.
2. In the Properties pane, double-click the Generated SQL/MDX property.
3. Click Convert.
4. Make the changes you want.
If you are working with MDX, you must be aware of the MDX syntax that Report Studio supports.
5. Click Validate to check for errors.
6. Click OK.
how can you set the image in the report?
cognos has its sample images at the location 
c:\\cognos installed location\\c8\webcontent\samples\images
If u want the images aother than cognos sample images then copy paste ur images at the same location .
To set Image in report drag an image object it ur report 
and set its URL property as  cognos installed location\\c8
\webcontent\samples\images\ur image....
How can we create top 10 and bottom 10 records in the same list?
top 10 alway will be on some measure based on some dim not simply top 10 and bottom 10,
make q1>
get the rank of the measure rank(measure for dim )<=10
make q2
the rank in the desecending order of measure 
rank(measure for dim desc )<=10
make q3=q1 union q2
how u publish the packages in framework manager
1)first v need to create new cognos connection
2)using connection v need to import tables from our database
3)after that v need to create packages
4)after creating package v need to select that package and 
rightclick then click on publish..................
what is the difference between count and running-count functions?
count(C) - it counts the no of values of a given item.
running-count(RC) - it sequentially numbers the rows being 
C RC  Data Item 
5 1   aaa 
5 2   bbb
5 3   ccc
5 4   ddd
5   eee
hi, i am Having 2 Reports one list report,one crosstab report if i put 2 querys for 2 reports which query will execute first?if i put same query for both 2 which report i will Get?pls pls pls Explain me...
The list report will execute first 
because list shows the detail data where as the cross tab shows summarized data. So to display cross tab it took more time compared to list
hi How Can we create rank in our report?
If u find the top 5 sal :
 Create  quires with Product type, Quantity, create Rank column with rank(quantity)
Query1 give filter Rank<=5
 Change the filter Application property from Before Auto Aggregation to After Auto Aggregation.
what is a join? what are the types of joins?
JOIN: A join is a query using which we can query data from more than one table
1.EQUI JOIN  ,2.SELF JOIN, 3.OUTER JOIN >  a.left outer join, b.right outer join, c.full outer join ,4.cartesian join , 
 hi Cognos Experts Pls Expalin me what is the diffence between list report query and crosstab report query?pls explain me.....
List Query is simple select Query
Where as Cross tab query will have group by function used.
List will show data in detail level.
Crosstab will show data in summarized level.
For ex:
Product  Price   Year
1A        12     2012
2B        10     2011
1A        23     2011
2C        45     2012
1A        50     2011
Product   2011  2012
1A        73    12
2B        10    0
2C        0     45
suppose a value prompt contains 100 values and i want to select all values in that prompt....i want ALL option in the value prompt? how can u keep this option in value prompt?
In your value prompt add the static chioce as 'All'
and in filter put the expression as.... 
(column in (?Parameter1?)) or (?Parameter1?='All')
what is scope relationship?
Scop is a relation ship between regular dimension and measure dimension

what is the use of layout component reference ?
Layout component reference is used to reuse the report object.

What is difference between drill through and drill down?
drill through means navigating from one report to a different report in order to get detailed data. while drill up/down is done within the same report.
drill through can be done in relational, DMR and OLAP data.
relational to relational
DMR to DMR or relational
OLAP to OLAP, DMR or relational
drill down/up can be done only on DMR and OLAP

Differences  between Cognos Sql & Native Sql? What are their Advantages and Disadvantages?
Cognos Sql: This Sql is genreated by cognos on the behaf of 
your query. It is good for your own calculation and for the 
performance tunning also.
Native Sql: This is Sql based query which has typical database format and funcatons.  All the caculation done at database only.
what is the difference between a data item and a query item?
Query item is nothing but the coulmn of table or Query subject.Where data item is report column which we use to design report and retrive the data of user eqirement.

how the values be passed to prompts in report studio? when a data item is dragged n dropped in to report, after the default query generated first which sql will the query query hit for processing means (native or cognos)?
1. Before executing the query. 2. first Cognos Sql generate

What is an open session command in cognos connection? what is it meant for?
open session command is used to connect to the database to the language defined.

What is loop in framework manager ?
Loop is an very dangerous exception in framework manager we can resolve the loop create alias table. loop Dispaly wrong results in the reportnet.
A Loop is a Closed Path Circuit....

How u provide security to reports in report studio or in cognos connection?
You dont provide security in Report Studio. You will provide security in cognos connection, you need to select the report, goto properties, permissions and here you need to add a user or a group that will access this report. You can also define the kind of access they will have on this report (ex: read or write). If you provide write access, the other user will be able to modify the report in report studio.
Also, when a report is saved in a package or a folder by default it will inherit the security of the parent folder/package.

What is slicer & dicer ? what is sub session parameter ?
slicer is a filter that is applied to the cells but not the rows or columns in a crosstab

the question here is regarding drill thorugh reports. and there are no levels in drill throughs. they are completely different reports. we can have as many drill throughs as possible if it makes sense to create that many drill throughs.
ex: if we have a report on the year level then we can drill through on the year and then go to a different report at the monthe level same way we can add drill through in the second report which is at month level to drill through to a different report that is at the day level and so on. so we 
can have as many drill through reports as possible as far as it makes sense. 

Can you use calculations in report headers and footers? How?
Insert a table as u need wid columns and from Insertable objects drag a layout caluculation and from the functionsdouble click the function u need
ex:As of date(),as of time()

How will u execute a stored procedute from a reportstudio ?
When ever we run the report, SP will automatically run, if u use the SP columns in the report 
How to Create users in cognos Access Manager from 1) front end 2) back end
User will be created always in back-end. Thru CAM u can give define role.

Purpose of Factless Facttable?
A factless fact is a fact table in which only primary keys of the dimension tables present as foreign keys but no individual fact clomuns. According to Kimball
"Factless fact table are the preferred method of recording the events in the DW where there is no natural numeric measurement associated with the event. Factless fact tables also are used to gurantee coverage"

How to create measures and Dimensions ?
By using the Framework Manager we can create measures and dimensions according to our business needs.

How to create Events?
this is very simple we can do this on the event studio. create a new job with the report to be executed/ bursted set the priority time and day of frequency on the settings and save it. Now the job will be triggered and the result 
can be saved to a folder/ emailed etc. 

Can u please describe the different types of traps with eg. Thanks
There are two main types of connection traps:
   1. fan traps
   2. chasm traps
Fan traps
A fan trap occurs when a model represents a relationship between entity types, but the pathway between certain entity occurrences is ambiguous. It occurs when 1:m relationships fan out from a single entity.
Missing ALT text
    Figure : Fan Trap
A single site contains many departments and employs many staff. However, which staff work in a particular department?
The fan trap is resolved by restructuring the original ER model to represent the correct association.
Missing ALT text
    Figure : Resolved Fan Trap
Chasm traps
A chasm trap occurs when a model suggests the existence of a relationship between entity types, but the pathway does not exist between certain entity occurrences.
It occurs where there is a relationship with partial participation, which forms part of the pathway between entities that are related.
Missing ALT text
    Figure : Chasm Trap
    * A single branch is allocated many staff who oversee the management of properties for rent. Not all staff oversee property and not all property is managed by a member of staff.
    * What properties are available at a branch?
    * The partial participation of Staff and Property in the oversees relation means that some properties cannot be associated with a branch office through a member of staff.
    * We need to add the missing relationship which is called `has' between the Branch and the Property entities.
    * You need to therefore be careful when you remove relationships which you consider to be redundant.

What is the difference between macros and prompt?
Macro is set of instructions to run report.
Prompt is just like a dialog box which will ask user to select/enter the information what he needs.

How to hide value prompt box and list when run report?
Hi, First u select the value prompt then in the property pane select box type is none then if u run the report, value prompt box will be hidden.

if u having 2 pakages i want a report with report items in 2 pakages how to use the 2 pakages in single report please ans me............
    We can't use 2 packages in a single report instead we can add query subject from another package to the current package. we can do this in framework manager.
    Go framework manager then right click the namespace then select new query subject then meta data wizard will display in that u select data source name and then select database object in that select query subject related to the another package. then finish the metadata wizard. finally again publish the package. 
What is Render Variable?
when u want to hide the column based on some condition then we will go to the render variable option.
what is the automation tool used for data warehouse testing???
We have few tools available in market for data warehouse automation. Like –Query Surge
How to test reports in cognos ?
We can test the report in 3 ways
1. By using 'validating the report oprion'
2. Run Report Option.
3. By im pliment an SQL query parallel to the requirement and finally check the result with the report reslt. ie.  the result return by the sql statemnt is coinside with the result of the report.
 in the report contained data is correct or not.format is correct or not ,applyed filters are running correctly or not. all this things are done in unit testing.and By using the sql query analyser we doing the data valydating testing.
we can test the reports in 3 ways.
identify the static errors -> click validate buttonin the rs             
identify the runtime errors->by executing the report validate the data by writing own sql statements in the backend.
how to convert crosstab into list?
We can't convert cross tab to list, we can convert only list to cross tab
Re: In Report page i have three types like (List,Cross tab,Chart), using Conditional Block i need only type of Report (Chart)at run time.How to do this I need The Complete Steps to do this?
1) Create a prompt page 2) Drag Value Prompt 3) Create 3 static values List/Chart/Crosstab
 4) set default value to chart
 4) create string variable and drag that value prompt parameter in that
5) create three string variables for List/Chart/CrossTab 
6) In the report page select conditional block properties and point to that variable to Block variable
 7) current variable point to>Chart then drag the chart into the conditional block 
8) and do for remaining strings run the report
what is difference btw summary filter and detail filter, plz explain with example ?
Detail fiter is applied to whole body of the report.
Summary filter is applied to only at footer level.
For Example if we take Product Line, Product Type and Price and then take total on Price and apply the filter saying Price > 20000 (detail Filter) then its going to display those values which are greater than 20000 in body.
It will be oppsite in Summary Filter i.e for summary footer 
its going to check the value which is greater than 20000 at footer level.
Basic difference between Detail and Summary filter in terms of SQL formation is:- Detail filter comes under Where Clause
And  Summary Filter comes under Having Clause after Group By
How can we publish package to QA environment not cognos connection?(if we have two URL one cognos connection and qa environment how can we publish package to qa?)Please anybody give me the answer.
You have to use Deployment tools provided by Cognos 8. 
1) Select your package under cognos connection, tools-> Content administration->Export. 
2) Go to the Deployment folder i.e., C8/Deployment in your source environment, copy the package in a flash drive and place in C8/Deployment in your target(QA) environment. 
3) Now go to Cognos Connection in QA, Tools->Content Adminstration->Import the package.
what is the use of layout calculation?
Layout Cal is mainly used for creating customized reports and runtime information,pageno,report execution time,dynamic headers creating  etc...
What is minimum version of internet explorer to run the Cognos report.
According to cognos 8.3 version minimum 6 version of internet explorer to run the cognos its mandatory...
Where u can save the Report net documentation in our local system?
When ever we Install Cognos Server we get Get its Doccumenttaion Alon other wise we can store it in Deplaoyment Folder of Cognos 
Hi, How the relations will be exists in DMR models if u have any idea please explain me ?
Scope relation ship, between regular dimension and measure dimension.
what are the joins present in reportnet?which is most widely used?
default join in F.M is inner join while creating the relation ship between tables . u can change that by editing the join.   Inner join is most widely used
What is snapshot ?
A SnapShot is a Permenant Local Copy Of The Report Data a 
Sanpshot is Static DataSource it is saved with .imr File it 
is suitable for Disconnected Network.... 
explain project, package ,model , modelers.........and differences b/w them?
Project: a set of model
Model: a set of query subjects, data sources, filters, calculation and so on....
Package: a subset of the model, that's created to be published to the content store, so that we can use this package to create various kinds of reports.
Modeller: The person, who's creating Framework Models
suppose if u r report having 1000 tables i want to dispaly alternate rows means 1,3,... how we specify that pleaes ans me
mod(rownum(),2)=0 with that expression use conditional style.
can we join 2 different queries? One has 10 columns and other has 5+ columns?
yes you can join two diff queries based on common key data item, you cannot union them ( for union both queries must have similar data items and order of the items
What is the difference between filter & Condition?
Filter gets the necessary records and it is reusable
Condition retrieve the output based on the selection criteria 
How to create users and permissions in cognos?
in content manager--we have one component called cognos process manager.
using process manager we can integrate with third party tools like LDAP or NTLM. we can not create users in report net directly. in real time we can use LDAP.
A list box contains 1000 records, while running the list, inside the header the content has to scroll down. Note the header should not go up?
go to stucture menu then click headers & footers
and click perminent header check box.
How do we implement Check Box Prompt in COgnos Report Studio?
In Value prompt apart from setting the Multiselect property to 'Yes' we need to set select UI property to 'Check box group'
How to select multiple values from Type-in prompt? Example - I want to enter into type-in prompt in 'Product name--- Liza' display report data in 'product name is Leza' only OR I want to enter into type-in prompt in 'All', that time display report data in all are report data. How is possible this Scenario using in type-in prompt.
By using the following condition as the filter for the textbox prompt we can get the data for the specified product as well as All products when we type ALL in textbox prompt
Product name = ?P_ProductName? or 'ALL' in (?P_ProductName?)
what is crosstab space?
To add space to the crosstab to add description inside a crosstab, we use crosstab space.
what is Associated grouping? and how it works in cognos impromptu?
You can associate one or more data items with a grouped data item. An associated data item should have a one-to-one relationship with the grouped data item. For example, Order No. is a grouped data item. For each order number, there is 
an Order Date. Order No. and Order Date have a one-to-one relationship.
what are typees of dimensions?
Conformed Dimension,Degenarated Dim,Junk dim those all are concepts in DWH. But in Cognos we have some more dim like Regular dims,Measure dim 
 Regular Dim Mainly it is used for drill up and drill down purpose. It contains Hierarchial structure. It have three propertise having Business key,member Caption,member description.
What is Index?
Index is one of the databse is used to quickly locate the particular record.
i.e.if a table contains thousand's of record, in which retrieving the particular record is if we create index in primary key column, we can retrieve particular record very soon. so we can save the time.
ex.create index indexname for tablename of columnname
can anybody tell me when do use 'running total'...give an example for the usage of running total
If you want see the day wise total that situation use running total function.
what is the difference between cascading prompt and drill-thru ?
1.cascading prompt means which takes values from another prompt.
2.cascading report work based on condition.
1.Drill through is to navigate summary information to detailed information.
2.Drill through report works based on the data item what we select as a drill through options.
Wht is difference between content store and content manager?
A content store is a data base which stores the meta data of the reports.when we publish the project from framework manager it will save in the content store. But where as a content manager is a service which is available in dispatcher. which it manages the security. It contains the access manager.
what is the security module used in cognos?
the security module used in cognos is cognos access manager.
fiscal year means what???
Fiscal year means financial year.
fiscal year means calculating year from April to march.
What are the differences between Cognos 8 and Cognos 7.x version?
1.Additional add-ons like Event studio, Analysis studio, Metrics Studio.
2.In Cognos 8 framework manager we can create dimension map i.e.(levels for hierarchies)
3.In Cognos 8 Report studio data items are created directly in Query explorer, but in c7 we create data items in tabular model. In c8 tabular model is excluded
4.In Query studio: conditional formatting, drill down and drill up is extra features of c8 when compared to c7
Hi, I got a requirement wehre in in a drill through report , in parent report i have a column of numbers on which i have to apply drill through to child report.The condition is in that column if the number ia not zero the drill through link should appear (i.e., 1 to 9) if its 0 or negative number link should not appear. How ? Help would be appreciated
Lets say I have a report  and columns like 
  Class    Student
  1st Std    10
   UKG        6
   Pre KG     0
1) create a Boolean varible like student>0
2) go to report and select Student cell not the column 
3) unlock the object
4) delete the student from the cell
5) drag the conditional block into the cell
6) go to contional block properties and block variable 
point to already created boolean variable
7) then current block set to yes
8) drag the student again to this conditional block
9) create the drill throuh  for this yes block
10) now change the current block to No
11) then drag the student again into the cell
12) run the report.
What is a dashboard in Cognos Report Studio and how do we creae it ?
Dashboards communicate complex information quickly. We can see list reports, cross tab reports, charts and multilingual Reports in a single page.
what is mean by cognos powerhouse?
PowerHouse 4GL is an application development environment that allows you to create business applications quickly and easily.
what is the meaning of aggregation and rollup aggregation? Difference between layout calculation and query calculation? How do you hide the rows that have null values? why we use query studio? what is the use of query studio compared to report studio?
aggregation is the grouping of data roll-up is the extension of aggregate caluse.
Query calculation is used for calculated data items and layout calculation is used for run-time information.we can supress null values by dataformat Querystudio is used for simple,ad-hoc reports
what is report burn and where it occurs
file menu->burst options,a separate window opens here  to check ,
to make a report for bursting,and to specify burst reciepient and burst key dependinding upon those the report is ready for bursting after that  click on ok.
How to cretae a Template?
just take a blank report and put what ever attribute you need like page headers,page footers, date,time,url's,photo etc.. , and then go to file menu and click CONVERT INTO TEMPLATE.
Can we import the cube into FWM? If yes how & what is the necessity to import it? 2. What is the use of TABULAR OBJECTS? Repeated Question
We can import the cube as a data source into the Framework Manager.We can publish the cube without going to PPES and developers can create analysis reports in the report and analysis studios.
What are the differences between Cognos 8 and Cognos 7.x version?
1.Additional add-ons like Event studio, Analysis studio, Metrics Studio.
2.In Cognos 8 framework manager we can create dimension map i.e.(levels for hierarchies)
3.In Cognos 8 Report studio data items are created directly in Query explorer, but in c7 we create data items in tabular model. In c8 tabular model is excluded
4.In Query studio: conditional formatting, drill down and drill up is extra features of c8 when compared to c7
what is an associated query?
The data item linked to the group data item. the associated data item suppress the duplicate values but do not generate A control break. it display the only one value of associated Column.
What are the uses of query explorer? Give example for each use in detail. It is not given clearly in user guide so explain in detail.
I have four region(Us, Uk, Canada, Europe) in my value prompt. Along with this I want new prompt called All. Once I click on All it should display all regions data. How can I achieve this ?
In your value prompt add the static chioce as 'All'
and in filter put the expression as.... 
(region column in (?Parameter1?)) or (?Parameter1?='All')
can reportnet supports cubes???
No there is no option for calling the cube in the Roportnet
Environment . These option is available in Cognos 8
I want to display popup menu or alter message in my report? How to you solve this problem? Give me the answer with example?
using JavaScript in html item
What is Busschema?
Busschema is the way to identify the conformed dimentions across the business processies known as datamarts
How can we improve performance in framework manager level?
Make sure that Data is imported from only 1 data source with out any duplicate data sources created .Duplicate DS will get created when you import New query subject from the Database or Refresh the existing Query subject with the 
name as 1 appended to the existing DS.
Make sure there are only few CASE statements,DECODE statements where ever required.These hampers performance.
Make sure there are no loops between query subjects. 
BY Checking the Governor Settings we can improve the Performance.
We have many Governor Options. Based on Situation we will use.
How to select all in value prompt instead of cascade prompt?
writing the filter condition
first select value prompt in properties pane add all to the static choice 
in filter condition add extra condition using and operator 
---------and ?parameter1?='all'
how u burst the reports? if u r bursted reports is not reached to destination how u identify???
single report is sent to different users this is known as bursting . for bursting mailing server should be configure with cognos server.If this is connected bursting is 
possible.If it reaches the destination then it comes to sent mail or you will get a bounce mail to your inbox.
does query is created for date prompt?
no, date prompt ,generated prompt ,text box prompts are not created queries
How to apply sorting to Crosstab report? If so please give me example? 2.How to create Report level Joins?explain with example?
Suppose take a product table containing product name and product no.product number to column and product name to row. 
select the column name product and sort it using the sorter given in the tool bar either in Ascending or in Descending.
Can i apply drill through on master detail relationship report?
Yes... you can....
How can I change reports to another package???
Go to Public Folder in Cognos connection
Go to the current package that report is using In front of the report click on the set properties icon.
In set properties page the last pane is package at the bottom.
there click on link to a package. then select the new package and ok.
goto file menu select reportpackages 
How to improve report performance except limited local processing?
To improve performance of a report we can approach these method
In database level:
1)In this level to improve performance create indexes to improve the performance.
In model level :
1)you can remove loop's at that time you can improve performance at model level
2)use indexes you can improve performance
3)Change the property of query processing to Limited local or database only.
In report level:
1)you can reduce the calculation and conditions in the report
2) you can limit the cut copy paste operations for user's
3) you can limit access no of report's at peek time you can improve performance at report level
4)in the report studio query properties we can set query exccution method to concurrent.
In Drill through, Reports are executing successfully when rename & run the created reports? Pls tel me the reason?
Go to Drill through report (Edit existing ) and browse give 
the report( What you have modified )
what is differences between the group span and levelspan
Both r having same functionalities in cognos 7 version we have to use level span and in cognos 8 version we have to use group span
Can we create a cube in a Transformer from multiple IQD's ?if so, how? 2.Also , explain some of the best practises used ,while creating a cube in powerplay transformer.
yes we can create cube from multiple iqd's , we have to first import the primary datasource which contains most of the structural data item required for the cube creation, and then other sources,by inserting the data source 
Good practises:
1. we can incrementally update the cube.
2.check the cube status periodically the test cube with a small amount of, if you 
have 1000 records , we can assign 300 records from each 
data source and perform a sample test cube.
4.we can do partition, to improve the runtime performance.
 Column level security in report
a column is nothing but a data item that comes from the framework side. so the solution lies in your own question. you have to do an object level security at the framework side to hide the particular data item or the query item
What is the Main Difference between Conditional Block and Render Variable in Cognos. Both are used for Condtional rendering.But what is the Main Diff?
In conditional block the object you put in the block(list, crosstab etc) can be made invisible or not depending on the variable. While in case of render variable only the column that you want to cut off from ur report will be rendered by the variable condition.
Can we use 2 packages in report studio at a time is there any alternative for this
In cognos at a time we can use only single package to create any specific report....
what is prompt types of prompt example briefly each types of product (eg:values, date,search,prompt etc.)
VALUE PROMPT: Value Prompt Retrieves data based on values that you select from a list.Use this control to show the list of possible values from which users can choose.
Note: The maximum number of items that can appear in a list is 5000.
SELECT AND SEARCH PROMPT:Select & Search Prompt Retrieves values based on search criteria that users specify. Data is then retrieved based on values users select from the search results. Use this control instead of a value prompt if the list of 
values is very long, which can slow down performance. Tip: Users have the option of performing a case sensitive or case insensitive search. A case sensitive search is faster, while a case insensitive search usually returns more values. You cannot use this control if you are working with SAP BW data sources.
DATE PROMPT:Date Prompt Retrieves data based on a date that you select. Use this control when you are filtering a date column. With this control, users can retrieve data for a specific day, a set of days, or a range of days.
TIME PROMPT:Time Prompt Retrieves data based on a time that you select. Use this control to restrict a report to a particular time or time range. For example, you can use this control to see how many orders are received after business hours. You can then use this information to determine the number of staff needed to work 
After hours.
DATE AND TIME PROMPT:Date & Time Prompt Retrieves data based on a date and time that you select. Use this control when you are filtering a datetime or 
Timestamp column. This control is useful for specifying ranges. For example,
you can retrieve all orders received from Monday at 12:00 a.m. to Friday at 5:00 p.m.
INTERVAL PROMPT: Interval Prompt Retrieves data based on a time interval that you specify. Use this control to retrieve data that is related to the passage of time. For example, you can use this control to retrieve a list of products that were returned 30 or more days after they were purchased.
TREE PROMPT: Tree Prompt Retrieves data based on values you select from a list. Values are organized hierarchically. This control is useful when you are working with 
dimensional data sources. Data is shown from the top of a dimension hierarchy to
the most detailed member, and users can choose the level of detail they want to view in the report.
GENERATED PROMPT: Generated Prompt Selects a prompt control based on the data type of the data item. This control acts like a placeholder. When you run the 
report, the control is replaced by the appropriate prompt control. For example, if you are prompting date values, the control is replaced by a date & time prompt.
Which service handles requests for cognos connection,query studio and event studio.
it's web service
If we run a report, that has 2 pages, i want to display one page in HTML format and another page wil display in pdf format. What is the procedure?
use report function
when report output()='PDF' then 'PDF'
when report output()='HTML' then 'HTML'
use this condition in rendor variable then u ll get
What do you do to make a report result in showing 4 different regions in an xl sheet in individual sheets(like Region1-sheet1,Region2-Sheet2 soon)?
Select the regions data item and click on "Set Page Break" from structure menu.
Run report in Excel you will have different sheets for each region.
What is render variable?Where do you exactly use in developing a report?
Render Variable: - Specify a variable based on which object can be conditionally rendered.
Style Variable: - Specify a variable based on which object can be conditionally styled.
Example for Style Variable
In a report in a list if u want to display every alternate row with particular color in this case
1) create a data item with name running-count with function "running-count" on particular unique column
2) now create one more data item as mod with functon "mod" on that running-count data item 
3)create a boolean varibale with expression mod 1
4)go to the page select List column Body style
5)In properties pane select Style Variable as boolean variable 
6)click on YES variable and set its Foreground color as RED 
7)click on No variable and set its Foreground color as Yellow 
now run the report 
Example for Render Variable
if the case is like you want to see the particular page in HTML or PDF or CSV format then 
1)Create 3 pages in your report 
2)every page conatins some specific data
3)name these pages as HTML PDF CSV
4)create a String vaiable with 3 values as HTML PDF and CSV
5)now in string variable put expression as .....
when ReportOutput() 'HTML' then 'HTML'
when ReportOutput() 'PDF' then 'PDF'
when ReportOutput() 'CSV' then 'CSV'
6)now go the page named HTML and select page object 
7)in properties pane click on Render Variable select that string variable
8)check only HTML check box value for HTML page 
9)repeat step No. 6 to step No.8 for remaining 2 pages.
what are the applications of the tabular model ????
we use view tabular data option to view the data in the object before running the report? tabular model is used to select the query item's in report net refers simple list query.
What are differences between Reporter report and Explorer report?
Many differences are there.. 
ER is default report type. which creates the report by taking first two dimension row and cols? 
RR gives blank report ,where u can add u r dimension of u r interest.
Use ER to  replace existing categories in an Explorer report,
what are the tabs in cognos ?
By default in cognos connection potal there are two tabs.
1)Public Folders
2)My Folders
Hi everyone, In my report i have ten pages like page1,page2, upto page10, i have textbox prompt when i enter 1 page1 should display,when i enter 2 page2 should display,can anyone suggest the answer.
crate a string variable like
if(paramdisplayvalue(parameter)=1 then page1 else
if(paramdisplayvalue(parameter)=2 then page2
and then add values like 1,2 upto 10
use conditonal styles
how to create calculate column in report studio
Using query calculation we can create a new calculated column.
how to access the database directly from cognos reportnet
Through Pass Through SQL available in cognos...
What is stitched Query?
stiched query sends two seperate queries to  data siurces and merge them internally.
can any body clesrly explain about types of query subjects.that is data source query subject,model query subject,stored procedure query subjects?
Three types of query subjects are there:
1.default  datasource querysubject
2.model querysubjects
3.stored procedure querysubjects.
1.Datasource querysubject:-Datasoure query subjects contain sql statements that directly reference data in a single datasource.Framework manager automatically creates a datasource querysubject for each table and view that you import into model.
2.Model querysubjects:-Querysubjects which created from model (querysubjects & queryitems)sources are called model querysubjects.
3.Stored procedures:-Querysubjects which created from Stored procedures are called Stored procedure querysubjects.
what is the difference between rollup aggregation and aggregation ?
aggregation : it will sum up all group column data.
Roll up aggregation : it will sum up group wise data.
How can we change any header or footer for a group of reports
By using layout component reference
what is physical layer and presentation layer?
Physical layer-The physical layer provides the physical query layer and is made up primarily of data source and stored procedure query subjects .It acts as a foundation for presentation layer.
Presentation layer-The presentation layer makes it easier for report authors  to find and understand their data .The presentation layer is made up primarily of model query subjects that you create
How we check the errors before running the report,plz let me know the answer
before u run a report ..u have an option called 'valididate report' in run menu..
then u can find the errors what u made
im having null data in one of the cell in my report i have to display as "no data" when u run the report how can i achive this problem? the query item in the list which contains null value.
2.if it is char data type then click the data format in
properties. the format type text,
4.In the missing value enter the text as "no data". that you will get the output when it contain null values.
1) click on query item that you have draged from the layer.
2) click on LIST it was in the properties
3) then in the properties you  will find NO DATA CONTENTS  make it as YES
4) drag TEXT ITEM from tool box properties and type your MESSAGE
5) Run the report
What is the use of Excel files in Cognos8?
The use of excel in cognos is we can modify it and we can view it in different pages as per our requirments and we can publish different sheets to the different users.
what is model and how to create model and how to test model?
Model is--------Nothing but designing the database. According to user requirement.
Model---------- It contains meta data which is related to bussiness reporting Information.We import this data from the database.
Why we need to create Views.
For better organizing the metadata we need to create views.
what is tabular set? how can you break the report?
1. Tabular Set: Tabular set object returns a single result set using UNION, INTERSECT or MINUS operators.
2. Breaking the report: Question is not clear.. because, using tabular set, we combined two model or query using UNION, INTERSECT or MINUS operators.
what does my folder and public folder contains? difference between the my folder and public folder?
Public Folder is nothing but shared folder. My folder is nothing but personal folder. Any body can share the folder and show the reports(PUBLIC FOLDER) but it is not possible in my folder.
hi Here ive question on Reportnet when we save a report in reportstudio with what ext it save
Hi all when v save one report in reportstudio,it does not have any extension.just v can see the result in diff formats(xml,pdf,html,csv...).so there is no extension  4 a report in reportstudio.
what is the difference between group and association?
In cognos 'group' is used to suppess the duplicate values..and 'associate' is used to suppress the values if it is one-one relationship.
what r the names of the reports that u prepared???
i developed below reports
Daily Client Order Summary.imr
Daily Junior Loan Policy.imr
Daily Vendor Completed.imr
Flood Turn Time Report.imr
Sales Report Property.imr
Sales Report TitleIns.imr
TITLE ORDERS OPENED NON INSURANCE.imr do nyou configure link between fwm and database (source).if you created fwm where it will be? and if you create reports where it is stored? 2.what is spic shot in fwm?
1. To create link between FWM and DB(Source)
   Open FM-->File-->New Project-->it will ask you to select DATA Sources..we can select new DS to create or existing to connect.If you select 'new' it will ask for type of ds (Oracle,sybase) and click next then give Connection string and userid/pw .then test for connection.if the connection is succeeded.connection is established between model and DS.
2. Once model is will be stored under projects in location where C8 is installed. (eg) if your modelname is 'sample' then it will be stored as 'sample.cpf'..C:\Program files\C8\samples..
3. I you create will be stored as specification in .xml file.
When we use consume in cognos?
It is a type of role that as read, execute and traverse capabilities.
what are the joins present in reportnet?which is most widely used?
inner join, outer join,cross join mostly inner join is used in reportnet.
can you apply grouping on crosstab?
No, we can't apply grouping to crosstab, because the crosstab is already grouped. The data displayed in crosstab is grouped data,
So, If you try to apply grouping it will not take.
What is meant by DSS?
Decision support system is to analyze the data to decision making
Difference between impromptu and reportnwt1.1
Imprompt : 
- Imprompt is one of the component of Cognos-7.
- Windows based,
- Its 2-tier archetecture.
- Its used to create Catelog & Report.
ReportNet1.1 : 
- Its next version of Cog-7.
- Its 3-tier archetecture.
- It's got following component..
  1. Framework Manager - Windows based-used to develope model / poackages.
  2. Cognos Conection - Web Based
  3. Query Studio - Web Based-Used to create simple report.
  4. Report Studeo - Web Based-Used to Create complex report.
What is parameter maps & Session parameter?
parametermaps are nothing but key value phases which are used to work with local languages.the defalut language is en. it has two values 1)key (must be unique)2)values(subtuite).
session parameters are variables such as user and run local.
Diff b/w MOLAP and ROLAP?
MOLAP: OLAP which comminicates with the Multi Dimensional Analysis.
ROLAP is Relational OLAP.
what is dimention?explain dimentable with example?
Dimensions are categories by which summarized data can be viewed.
    A dimension table is a table that contain summarized data and historical data.The dimension table has foreign key - primary key relation with fact table.
how to create relationship between emp and salgrade tables in frameworkmanager?
create one datasource query subject in FM. and write a sql
   select,emp.salary from emp,salary_grade
where emp.salary between salary_grade.low_salary and
this is called non equal joins. like this you can create
relationship between this two table.
What is Dynamic Grouping? what is diff between grouping n levelspan?
1. Group : It's used to suppress the duplicate values. 
2. Levelspan: It's used to suppress the duplicate values associte with group function. Its having one-one relationship.
tyes of security in cognos?.how to use rank function? 2.what is content store? 3.what is content manager? 2 use rank function?
*Your security strategy concentrates on three main areas:
• Authentication – who are your users? Your information should be readily accessible but only to the right people.
• Authorization – once they are authenticated, what do your users have permission to access? Each person or group of people may need to know different things, even as detailed as the column or row of data.
• Encryption – how do you protect both data transmissions and storage?
*You can use the Rank function when you want to sort out the data.....for example: when you want to display the nth  highest employee....then you can use Rank function also find out...
* Content Manager
provides a simple solution for managing access to corporate content in a web environment via the upfront component. Upfront was not really designed as a complete web site / portal content management solution (a point I find myself making again and again to clients for whom I implement the (Cognos BI Suite). Although it serves quite ably to allow you to flexibly customize, personalize, publish and manage content (whether BI-related or not), within the realm of the corporate intranet and elsewhere, it is limited with regard to sophisticated site component management (HTML and other markup languages, text, hyperlinks, graphics, images and so forth). The provision in its design to allow for the publication of, or linking to / from, non-Cognos documents allows for versatility that can be highly useful, and Upfront often meets the business requirements of many organizations right out of the box.
* Cognos content store
It stores the package information  ....through Cognos connection, report authors connect to content store and
generate the reports...
Any Questions on cognos or Sql please my friends mail me to
how can we improve performance of the reports?
TO improve the performence of the report move all the calculations and filters from report level to the frame work manager.
1. Check the Governor Settings.
2. Dont use the Not in function in the query.
3. Check the client/server balancing.
4. Avoid using complex calculations
5. Check the table qualifying and weighting.
In an existiing Framework model, how will you add a new column to the existing table?
First the new column shud reflect at the database 
side.after that if we just say Update query subject then the new column is automatically reflected in the physical layer.
What is Deployment?
Deployment is moving the cognos environment from the Development server to the Test server for the testing purpose & subsequently to the Production server after reports, cubes & packages are tested with zero defects (ideally)
why u need to publish the package?
Package manily contains of Metadate.With that data we develop the Reports according to Client Requirement..
package is basic source for the Reportstudio Authors, query studio. however package is used as a one of the input source for the transformer.
what is an sid (surrogate key)?
surrogate key: It has system generated artificial key values, which allows to maintain historical records in the data warehouse more effectively.
what is the difference between enterprise data warehouse and data warehouse
Enterprise Data ware house is built for Entire Organization and mostly has Departments as Data marts. Ex: Sales, Fin, Operations, Logistics, HR, CRM....
A Normal data warehouse is built for specific problems to give proper data (Cleaned and Historical) for reporting tools. Ex Sales DWH (For In death Sales Analysis)
What is Conditional block? How do you use in a report?
Conditional block: Specify a variable based on which objects inserted into a block can be conditionally rendered.
for example user can have option for List report or chart report when he runs the report.
Try this out........CONDITIONAL BLOCKS
The goal of this report is to prompt users on which display they would prefer, a list or a chart. To start, create a simple list report in Report Studio. Using the Cognos sample data, product line, order method and revenue are added to the list. From the toolbox, drag and place a pie chart below the list. Select the chart and in the properties pane, attach this chart to query 1:
Now the chart can be populated from the data items tab.The consumers of this report need the ability to choose between the displays they want to see. To accomplish this, build a blank prompt page allowing them to select from a drop down list either list or chart. Drag a value prompt to the prompt page with the following settings:
At this point hit ‘Finish”. The dropdown list has to be populated manually though the static choices property of the value prompt. The two choices added are list and chart. 
*You can leave the display value blank. If you do so, Report Studio is smart enough that it will take the use value for the display value.Now that my prompt page is set, return to the Report Page. 
In order to conditionally display an object, use the conditional blocks object in the toolbox. Drag this to the bottom of the report.
The next step is to attach the variable to the conditional blocks block variable property. This variable is a Boolean variable that either equals a list or doesn’t.
We need to test if our parameter is equal to the value ‘List’. If the user selected List this expression will evaluate to true, if the user selected ‘Chart’ from the prompt, then this will evaluate to false.
After this step is completed there is a new property on the conditional blocks object that tells us which block we are currently looking at. First, drag the chart into the ‘No’ block.
 Now, select the conditional block again, and switch the current block property to ‘Yes’. The conditional blocks object appears empty because there is currently nothing in the ‘Yes’ block.
  The final step is to drag the entire list inside the ‘Yes’ block.
Now when the report is run, the user will be prompted for their display of choice.
Diff b/w Dimensional modelling and Relational modelling?
Relational modelling:
Data modelling of transactional systems
Dimensional modelling:
Data modelling of decision support systems
What is IQD?What is contained in IQD?
What is StarShema?
StarSchema: It is a logical database implement physically in the datawarehouse with centralized fact table normalized, depends on the denormalized dimension table.Advantages of starschema is slicing down, performance increase and easy to understand the data.
It is possible with out same Queries (both Reports) we can build the drill trough between them? And how?
Two Queries in two different reports can be different, but there needs to be a common link b/w two queries based on which we can create a drill through (by passing Data Item, Parameter)
1)what is the use of Deployement and Scheduling? 2)If you have a prompt in your report , after scheduling the report will it run? 3)How can we move our reports from one Environment to Another Environment? 4)What is the complex report in your project and whar are the critical issues have u faced in u r reports and tell me name of some recent reports have u created? 5)What are the limitations of value prompts?
deployment:moving an application from 1environment to another(ex:dev to testing envi)
scheduling :we can run a report at later time at non peak hrs.while scheduling we 'll select prompt values in scheduling tab so that data displayed acc to prompt.
complexity of reports in developing cdnl blocks &morecals.
limitations of value prompt is we cant diplay morethan 5000values at a time
What is the importance of Dimension in the cognos.
with out Dimension and Fact cannot make a relations between tables it could not be use for joins and retrive the data as a form of reports in cognos
Dimension is a major subject area through which we can analysis our business.
Where in report Studio's property pane can I find NoDataHandler?
Select you List or crosstab or chart, go to properties pane, you can find the No Data Handler, where you can give some message so that it displays that message(No data found for this selection) when data is not there  for passed parameters.
How to move reports one server to another server?
Server 1: In Cognos connection, under content
configuration(I guess thats the correct name) select new export. This brings up a new window asking you to select the stuff u want to export. Select the packages/reports or the whole content store and click finish. This will create a zip file in the servers Deployment folder.
Server 2: Cut/Copy this zip file to Server 2's deployment folder. Then in Cognos connection, select new import and select the file that you have just copied and follow the steps. You are done.
I have 3 objects (list,cross tab and chart)in one page, when u run report display each object in each page. how can i do?
you mean you want to display each report in separate page then you go for page wise report drag the page from page explorer in page1 develop list report then again drag the page from page explorer in page2 develop crosstab report again drag the page from page explorer in page3 develop chart report like that if you have n reports you have to
Maintain n pages for that. If you want to run particular page right click that page u see one option run this page like that we run any page according to our requirement
One more thing is Page Break option is not visible Here. Which is only for query items not for objects I think this is helpful for u
How will optimize the performance of sql in FM ?
Using the governor setting, enabling the allow usage of local cache we can increase the performance.
cognos is holap or molap or rolap
ROLAP---It is related to Cognos Reportnet.
MOLAP------------ It is related to Cognos8.
HOLAP--------- It is A combination of MOALP+ROLAP.
So that we will use in HOLAP in Cognos 8 BI Suite.
In Reportnet---doesn't have Drillup and Drill Down.
In Cognos 8 BI Suite can do Drillup and Drill down.
How do you test the performance of a report?
in cognos report studio we get the cognos generated Query copy that query and run it in your Database 
and run the same in report studio and compare the time ....
What is the use of lock and unlock
Unlock: merging the data cells
Loc: we can't merge the data cells
Is it possible to apply access manager user rights in impromptu?
Y we can do in Governor Tab...
How will you migrate your reports to QA environment?
1. Go to Conos connection
2. Then click on Tools. Select Content administration from the drop down menu.
3. Click on 'new export' icon in content administration page.
4. Specify a name and follow the steps.
difference between drill through and master detail report?
Master detail report: This relationship allows to merge a master query and detailed query 
A master detail relationship provides navigation from summary to detail with in a report we cannot navigate to another report.
Drill throug report: A drill through allows you to navigate the information from summary to detail from one report to another 
A drill through is developed with two reports
1.parent report which contains summary data
2.child report which contains detailed data.
what is MemberCaption?
this comes under DMR ( Dimensional modeled relational ).
suppose we have REGION_ID and REGION_NAME.
While creating regular dimension level...
REGION_ID  will treated as BUSINESS_KEY
In the above regular dimension,
Using business_key ( REGION_ID ) we will display 
member_caption ( REGION_NAME ).
What is PerformanceTunning Test?
1. Use local cache property set to NO.
2. Validate expression properly.
3. Use detail filters after auto aggregation instead of summarized filters.
4. Test with limited number of data.
5. minimize sql hard code.
6. Avoid Java script usage maximum.
7. Use sql having clause expressions.
8. Avoid usage of cognos functions Maximum.
How to schedule the report in Cognos? And i have 2 users u1,u2. how to schedule the report for these 2 users(the 2 users will get result once for a week) but u1 get the result on every monday to his inbox,and u2 get the result on every wednesday to his inbox.
Create two different Jobs, with two different sets of parameters and delivery schedules, options. U can use the same report if you wish to send the report output as email attachment. Or create a Report view if you wish to secure the Report outputs by user. Hope that helps
How to add 2 different colors for alternative rows? i.e in a report all rows colors in alternative colors(2 colors)
Suppose you are creating a report with two data items
Customer_Name and Total-sales respectively.
Create two new data items.
1.Dataitem1: Running-count([CUSTOMER_NAME]) 
2.Dataitem2: Mod([Data Item1],2)
Create a variable : 
Boolean [Query1].[Data Item2]=1 or 0
Come to conditional explorer bar, select YES, under
properties select the background color.
Come to conditional explorer bar, select NO, under
properties select the background color.
Save report and run.
difference between stored procedure and function?
A Procedure is a sub-program that performs a specific action.
A Procedure can be called from PL/SQL Block or from another Procedure also.
A function is very similar to a Procedure. Both take arguments, which can be of different modes. Both are different forms of PL/SQL blocks. Both can be stored in the database.
A procedure call is a PL/SQL statement by itself, while a Function call is called as part of an expression. And a Function must return
what is alias what is shortcut what ia alias shortcut and diff among them if u know explain clearly
If u perform any operations in alias it will not affect on the orginal data.
If u perform any operations in shortcut it will affect on the original data.
the above Ans is correct, alias is also a shortcut, but with different name, uses to avoid loops
shortcut is pointer to original data
what are determinants?
To prevent double counting on multi fact/multi grain queries we need determinants on query subjects that have multiple level of granularity used to aggregate facts.
What are variables in report studio?
1. String Variable 2.Boolean Variable 3.Language Variable
What is meant by Scheduling?
How to crate cubes in transformer ?
1.Analyze user reruirements
2.Determine the source data
3.Build the model and define source data
4.Organise the dimensions,levels,categories,measurses
5.Refine the model
6.create the required cube and consider cube 
groups;location where to sstore cube
7.give access privileges for each user 
8.Deliver the cube based on user located 
9.Distributed the cubes via vss or any other resources
10.give the production support



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